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With E&O renewals hitting mailboxes this week is it time to reconsider the options? Join our complimentary webinar next week to explore your choices.

FREE Webinar Thursday November 5 10am-11am


Risk management is both avoiding or mitigating inherently risk-potential situations in business and dealing effectively with problems when they inevitably do occur. One of the tools used by brokers to manage the risk exposure for their firms is insurance.

Jerry Royse, at the helm of Royse and Associates, stands out in real estate education with over 35 years of experience teaching across 46 states and 5 countries. A seasoned educator, Jerry has trained thousands in Sales Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education, also applying his expertise as an expert witness in over 30 legal cases and successfully closing over 1100 homes as a Buyer Broker. His extensive knowledge marks him as a preeminent expert in the field.

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