Alaska Real Estate Brokerage Policy and Procedures Manual

Goals of an Office Policy Manual

1. A clear Associate relationship to the Broker is established pertaining to the rights and responsibilities owed between both parties.

2. By providing standard operating procedures, disputes can be avoided and proactively addressed through the implementations of standard practice and procedures..

3. Productivity can be enhanced when the processes are clearly identified and laid out in a manner that makes them second nature.


Purpose of the Office Policy Manual Guide

The Office Policy Manual Guide is designed as a tool to assist Brokers who are drafting or revising Office Manuals. Royse and Associates provides this material solely as a guide and highly recommends the review of your legal counsel before implementing your finished Office Policy and Procedure Manual

Implementation of an Office Policy Manual

1. Upon the new affiliation between the Associate and Broker, each Associate's orientation should include a copy of the Office Policy Manual including a signed acknowledgment that the Associate has read and understands the material set forth. You should also reserve the right to amend and make changes to policies.

2. The contents should be reviewed in a formal atmosphere setting in which the material has been fully presented and the Associate understands the policies. Regular staff meetings provide ideal times to review your Office Policy Manual. If you have a formal orientation for new Associates, this is considered an ideal time for presenting the Office Policy Manual.. All new Associates should be trained on the policies set forth in the manual

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Sec. 08.88.685. Policies, Guidelines, and Requirements.

(a) A broker shall adopt written policies and procedures available to the commission and to members of the public on request that

(1) require real estate licensees to comply with all real estate laws;

(2) require real estate licensees to act fairly and honestly in all dealings;

(3) require real estate licensees to notify the broker or a broker designee of any legal dispute or allegation of wrongdoing from a seller, buyer, lessor, or lessee;

(4) require real estate licensees to maintain regular communication with the broker or a broker designee; and

(5) identify and describe the relationships in which the broker and the real estate licensees who work for the broker may engage with a seller, buyer, lessor, or lessee.

(b) The commission shall adopt regulations that establish

(1) guidelines to assist a broker to adopt the written policy required by (a) of this section;

(2) the contents and format of the pamphlet to be provided by a licensee under AS 08.88.615(a)(6); and

(3) requirements for a broker’s supervision of the real estate licensees who work for the broker.

(c)  Based on the content and format for the pamphlets established under (b)(2) of this section, a real estate broker shall produce and pay the costs to produce the actual pamphlets to be provided by licensees in the broker's business under AS 08.88.615(a)(6).


12 AAC 64.117 Broker’s Written Policy.

A broker shall adopt a written policy manual that addresses guidelines and procedures

(1) to determine the designated licensee;

(2) that establish a policy for when the broker becomes a designated licensee;

(3) for neutral licensees;

(4) for a single real estate licensee representing one party in a transaction while providing specific assistance to an unrepresented party in the same transaction; and

(5) for maintaining confidentiality within the office for all transactions.

(6) for the supervision of teams, if applicable, to include a policy covering

(A) the usage of the consumer disclosure required under 12 AAC 64.118; and

(B) how consumers are represented within a team.

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