Commission Class Action Lawsuits Part 16

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Over the Holidays more Class Action Commission Lawsuits have been filed. The pace is picking up. 5 Class Action Lawsuits were filed in November, 7 in December and 5 so far in January. Now the count is over 19 and I wanted to bring you a summary of the second group today. Lots of research was done to extract these with much of the effort borrowed from Real Estate News and the work done by Dave Gallaghar. Here is the final group as of Jan 24, 2024, with brief overviews.

Jerry Royse, at the helm of Royse and Associates, stands out in real estate education with over 35 years of experience teaching across 46 states and 5 countries. A seasoned educator, Jerry has trained thousands in Sales Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education, also applying his expertise as an expert witness in over 30 legal cases and successfully closing over 1100 homes as a Buyer Broker. His extensive knowledge marks him as a preeminent expert in the field.

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