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We're thrilled to support your journey in real estate education with our rich selection of learning materials. Our dedication is to ensure you have access to the most thorough educational content available, meticulously crafted to equip you with everything you need to successfully pass the Pearson Vue test.

Please note that the Test Prep course is included, at no additional charge, for students enrolled in either our Sales PreLicensing or Broker PreLicensing courses. If you're already enrolled in the Sales PreLicensing or Broker PreLicesning class, there's no need to register for the Test Prep Program separately. The complete Test Prep Program is included within your Sales or Broker PreLicensing course, ensuring you have all the resources needed for success without additional enrollment. The Test Prep Course is our commitment to your comprehensive preparation.

Recognizing the challenges some face with materials from other schools, we've made our Test Prep Course accessible to those seeking to bolster their exam readiness. However, please note that this course does not provide the Certificate of Completion necessary for obtaining your license in Alaska.

For those in need of the certificate, we've made it easy to include in your package at the time of registration. Simply click the register button and add on the Sales PreLicensing Certificate of Completion at the bottom of the registration form. You will be enrolled in the full Sales PreLicensing class, which not only provides all the Test Prep materials but also the essential Certificate of Completion for your licensing in Alaska.

If you prefer, explore our complete Sales PreLicensing class for a fully integrated solution at https://www.alaskatraining.com/ourclasses/sales-prelicensing/ We're here to support your educational journey every step of the way, offering the most effective resources and guidance to ensure your success.

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    Engage with Both Manuals and Videos

    Start by exploring the manual and diving into the video lectures. We've organized the content with the 20-hour class videos placed at the beginning and the 40-hour class videos following. Feel free to primarily focus on the 20-hour videos and then delve into the 40-hour content for an expanded understanding. Remember, immersing yourself in all the videos is a great strategy!

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    Practice Makes Perfect

    Consistently take all the quizzes and practice exams available until you consistently score in the 90s. This practice is key to ensuring your readiness and boosting your confidence for the test.

Here's What Is

Included in Your Class

Proven to save you time, it makes it easier to understand important information vital to get results.


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    Flash Cards

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    Math Review Videos and Handouts

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    Pearson Vue Testing Company handbook about the test

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    Safety Reports

  • five

    Top Producer Secrets from 46 States

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    Full Prelicensing Manual in both Word and PDF format to prepare for test

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    Broker Interview Questionnaire and video

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    8 Chapters on information required by Alaska state statute broken down with videos and audios

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    45 + practice tests: Interactive tests and hard copy tests available online with over 2000 practice questions.

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    Free Videos:

    • 20 hour videos save you time
    • 40 hour videos provide more detail

Steps to get your

Real Estate License in Alaska


Already have the Test Prep Course and want to add a certificate of completion?

It's easy to add on to your Test Prep course and get your certificate of completion. Simply click the register button and you will only have to pay for the certificate. Instrutions will be sent to you about how to obtain the certificate.

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