Sales Post Licensing

If you obtained your Real Estate License within the past 12 months, you need to take a Sales Post Licensing class in order to maintain your license.


We have laid out our course in an easy to follow, step-by-step format to make studying easier and faster. Getting your certificate of completion to keep your license active is fast!

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  • View the entire course outline
  • Sample videos
  • Sample handouts
  • Learn how to fill out the MLS Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Outline of the 4-hour Property Management class
  • Outline of an income and expense report
  • More than 15 handouts and outlines for service animals
  • Introduction to setting goals which is part of our Fast Start Program and includes creating and refining mission statements, goal setting, how to do a SWOT analysis, and how to track conversions
  • Instructions for how to get your certificate of completion

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Sales Post Licensing Class

Within the first year of having your license you must take a 40-hour Sales Post Licensing class. Royse and Associates offers the best-in-class course designed to give you an advantage. There is a simple quiz to take for your certificate of completion but there is no exam with Pearson Vue. And, it’s all offered via correspondence so you get to do it at your own pace.

It’s so much more than the bare minimum required by the state and so much more than other schools without our experience can provide. We’ll even throw in our highly acclaimed Fat Start Business Planning course. We suggest you take the Sales Post Licensing class as soon after you get your license as possible. It will give you more training and the kind of information, forms, and best practices that will give you a step-up over the competition. Seriously, take this class asap after you get your license.

(a) In addition to the education requirements of 12 AAC 64.063 for an initial license and the continuing education requirements under 12 AAC 64.500 for license renewal, within one year after the date that the commission issues an initial license to a real estate licensee under this chapter, the licensee shall complete 30 hours of education.

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