Broker Post Licensing

Broker Post Licensing


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Alaska real estate licensing requires 30 additional hours of training for broker post licensing within the first year of having your broker's license. The Royse and Associates Real Estate Broker Post Licensing class meets the Alaska Real Estate Commission requirements.

Broker Post Licensing provides you with additional real estate broker training and broker specific resources. Our real estate school gives you not only the required training but Royse and Associates provides material to help you in your practice unlike many real estate schools. 

Our course is provided via our online correspondence program. You get the full 30 hour class.  Choose Royse and Associates today to give you more free time at an exceptional value.


Our students come back year after year for all their training needs. From Sales PreLicensing to Continuing Education, students get all their training needs met right here.

Objectives By Module

Module 1

Recovery Fund, Trust Account & General Accounts - 7 Total Hrs 12 AAC 64.064(c)1
Segment Discussion:Learning Objective:
What will the attendee be able to do after the course
Recovery fund issuesList Recovery fund issues
Case studies on misrepresentationAnalyze case studies on misrepresentation
Conversion of trust fundsDescribe different conversion of trust fund problems
Fraud and deceitIdentify fraud and deceit characteristics and patterns
Trust accounts, different types of accountsDifferentiate Trust accounts and different types of accounts
How to set up and manage different types of accountsMatch how to set up and manage different types of accounts
Setting up and managing trust accountsSelect unique considerations in setting up and managing trust accounts
How to set up and manage general accountsList how to set up and manage general accounts
Importance of good record keepingDefine the Importance of good record keeping

Module 2

Practical Office Management - 8 Total Hrs 12 AAC 64.064(c)2
Segment Discussion:Learning Objective:
What will the attendee be able to do after the course
Setting up an office decisionsMatch setting up office decisions with responsibilities
Types of ownershipSelect types of real estate brokerage business ownership
Office proceduresWrite office procedures to address major issues
ChecklistsIdentify requirements of management checklists
General Office policyApply general office policies to situations
File review and management planDraft a file review and management plan
Compliance with state law requirementsList types policies for compliance with state law requirements
Licensee relationships manualDraft a Licensee relationships manual
The importance of regulation and statute changesIdentify the importance of regulation and statute changes
Fair housing and diversity issuesDifferentiate fair housing and diversity management issues
Employment contracts with licenseesAnalyze employment contracts with licensees
Processes on how to handle complaintsApply processes on how to handle complaints
Risk management and legal liabilityList risk management and legal liability threats
Errors and omissions insuranceDescribe characteristics of errors and omissions insurance

Module 3

Practical Supervision - 8 Total Hrs 12 AAC 64.064(c)3
Segment Discussion:Learning Objective:
What will the attendee be able to do after the course
Broker responsibilitiesIdentify requirements of broker responsibilities
State requirements of SupervisionList state requirements of broker supervision
Office policy and procedures manualDescribe characteristics of office policy and procedures manuals
Transaction management methodsDifferentiate transaction management methods
Communication requirements for effective supervisionList communication requirements for effective supervision
Key issues in final file reviewSelect key issues in final file review
Licensee safetyIdentify requirements of -licensee safety
Checklists useful in managingList checklists useful in managing
Disclosures, including propertyDescribe different -disclosures, including property
Licensee relationships, consumer pamphlet and waiverDifferentiate licensee relationships, consumer pamphlet and waiver
Principles buying or selling the licensee's own propertyApply principles buying or selling the licensee's own property
Strategic alliance and business relationships in compliance with the lawList -strategic alliance and business relationships in compliance with the law


Module 4

Risk Management - 7 Total Hrs 12 AAC 64.064(c)4
Segment Discussion:Learning Objective:
What will the attendee be able to do after the course
Basic office procedures for risk managementIdentify requirements of basic office procedures for risk management
Environmental risk management strategiesMatch environmental risk management strategies
Risk management regarding federal lawDescribe risk management regarding federal law compliance
Examples and avoidance of supervision failureSelect examples and avoidance of supervision failure
Avoiding ComplaintsName requirements for avoiding complaints
Licensee relationshipsList Licensee relationships considerations
Maintaining confidentialityIdentify requirements for maintaining client confidentiality
Conflicts of interestDifferentiate conflicts of interest
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