Broker PreLicensing

Broker PreLicensing


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Royse and Associates' Real Estate Broker PreLicensing meets the Alaska Real Estate Commission's requirements to get your real estate broker license in Alaska. Our live class is provided over 2 days. If you prefer, many students successfully pass the test simply by doing the class online by correspondence. Or, do both!

You get tips on how to pass the real estate broker test. All students, whether in-classroom or by correspondence, get access to our online course materials which includes master manuals, resources like math review and flash cards and video of Jerry teaching the class.

Pass the real estate broker test and become a real estate broker or associate broker right away with interesting and time saving material.


Our students come back year after year for all their training needs. From Sales PreLicensing to Continuing Education, students get all their training needs met right here.


Jerry provides cutting edge education while offering his years of insights and expertise.

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Objectives By Module

Module 1

Property Law, Public & Private Rights & Limitations-64.063.(c)3

Segment Discussion:

Learning Objective:
What will the attendee be able to do after the course

Real and Personal Property Characteristics

List Real and Personal Property Characteristics

Concepts of Real Estate

Identify Concepts of Real Estate

Legal Descriptions, Definitions of Real Estate Terms

Differentiate Legal Descriptions, Definitions of Real Estate Terms

Real Estate Economic Principles

Match Real Estate Economic Principles to Opportunities

Real Estate Rights and Restrictions

List Real Estate Rights and Restrictions

Bundle of Rights

Define the Bundle of Rights

Government Rights and Powers

Select Government Rights and Powers

Easements and Liens

Describe Different Easements and Liens


Module 2

Effective Disclosures - 4 hours

Disclosure Requirements

Creation Compensation and Liabilities

Designing Written Disclosures

Informing The Consumer

Responsibilities and Policies

Customer and Client Duties

Client Level Service Exercise

Property Disclosures

Compensation Disclosures

Conflicts, Procedures and Security

Documenting the In-House Sale

Conflicts of Interest Disclosures

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