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We have laid out our course to provide you with everything you need to pass the test. It is laid out in a easy to follow, step-by-step format to make studying easier and faster.

Sign-up today for our sample class and get a feel for how it works. See for yourself that you, too, can get your license and start a new career fast!

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Take a look at how our course is laid out and have access to:

  • Sample video
  • Sample audio
  • Sample Math Review Video
  • Outline of Chapter 1: Property Law, Public and Private Rights and Limitations
  • 3 practice exams
  • Testing Company Handbook
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    Meet the Requirements:

    • Be a citizen of the United States or a lawfully admitted alien
    • Be 19 years of age or older

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    Take the Sales PreLicensing Course (40 hours)

    Complete a 40-hour class* which meets the Alaska Real Estate Commissions outline. Many people choose to take the class by correspondence. This gives them time and flexibility given busy schedules and other commitments. Optional Zoom classes are available. You will need to complete our school’s quiz for your certificate of completion. The certificate of completion is good for 18 months.

    *Individuals with an active license outside the state of Alaska may be able to get their license by endorsement and should confirm with the AREC.

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    Take the Alaska Real Estate Licensing Exam by Pearson Vue (

    After you have completed the course and your studying, you can take the licensing exam. The cost for the exam, directly to Pearson Vue, is $100. You will need to schedule and make a reservation for the exam. Sometimes they are several weeks out for reservations so plan carefully. You do NOT have to be in the state of Alaska to take the test for the Alaska license. You can take the exam anywhere Pearson Vue has a testing facility.

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    Pick a sponsoring Broker.

    You will need to have a broker sign your application for your license. To make your choice a bit easier we offer

    • “Brokerage Interview Questionnaire” which you can download here:
    • Referrals to trusted, reliable, and professional brokers for our students.
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    Get Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O)

    Your Broker may offer E&O insurance at no cost or little cost to you. Check with your Broker. The state offers insurance through a national, master company, or there are other resources you can use. Students of Royse and Associates get referrals to alternative sources for E&O insurance.

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    Apply for your license.

    • Fill out a form with the AREC with a broker’s signature and proof of E&O insurance
    • Provide your Certificate of Completion for the course
    • Your certificate that you passed the test with Pearson Vue
    • Pay a fee.

    That’s it!

    You can apply for your license online through your MyAlaska account. If you use MyAlaska you can receive notifications about the status of your license. Licensing review takes about 10 days to issue a new license.

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    Start your real estate career!

    Congratulations! Give yourself kudos for doing the work to begin a whole new career in real estate. The sky’s the limit.

Sales Post Licensing Class

Within the first year of having your license you must take a 40-hour Sales Post Licensing class. Royse and Associates offers the best-in-class course designed to give you an advantage. There is a simple quiz to take for your certificate of completion but there is no exam with Pearson Vue. And, it’s all offered via correspondence so you get to do it at your own pace.

It’s so much more than the bare minimum required by the state and so much more than other schools without our experience can provide. We’ll even throw in our highly acclaimed Fat Start Business Planning course. We suggest you take the Sales Post Licensing class as soon after you get your license as possible. It will give you more training and the kind of information, forms, and best practices that will give you a step-up over the competition. Seriously, take this class asap after you get your license.

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