Why Choose Jerry Royse for Real Estate Consulting Services?

Choosing Jerry Royse for real estate consulting is a step towards ensuring that your journey in the real estate industry is guided by one of the best in the business. With his unparalleled expertise, practical experience, and tailored consulting options, your real estate endeavors are set for success.

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    Expertise Grounded in Practicality:

    Jerry’s foray into the world of real estate isn’t limited to training and consulting. He has been on the front lines, serving as an expert witness in over 30 legal cases related to real estate. This courtroom experience gives him an intricate understanding of the potential pitfalls, challenges, and nuances that professionals might face. Whether you're dealing with complex contracts, navigating tricky negotiations, or facing potential legal issues, Jerry's practical experience makes him an invaluable consultant. His insights are not mere theoretical knowledge; they are lessons learned from real-world situations.

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    Unparalleled Experience & Reputation:

    Few can claim the breadth and depth of experience that Jerry Royse brings to the table. As the primary instructor at Royse and Associates Real Estate Training and Consulting, the largest real estate training and consulting company in Alaska, Jerry has disseminated his vast knowledge in real estate across 26 states and 5 countries for over a quarter of a century. His reputation doesn't just rest on numbers; it's built on consistent, quality education and advisory roles that have turned many budding realtors into successful professionals. When seeking guidance in the real estate industry, there's a considerable advantage in learning from someone with Jerry’s vast and varied experiences.

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    Customized Consulting Tailored to Your Needs:

    Jerry Royse understands that every individual and business has unique needs. That's why he offers a variety of hourly options and monthly packages, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your concerns and requirements. Whether you need guidance on business growth, have questions about real estate and contracts, or require expert advice on legal matters, Jerry’s consulting services are adaptable and comprehensive. His areas of expertise include market analysis, risk management, contract interpretation, business strategy, and legal compliance, ensuring that whatever your concern, Jerry has you covered.

Types of Services Offered

  • Mediation
  • Licensee Issues
  • Brokerage Issues
  • Complaints and Lawsuits
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Effective Practices
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Technology Issues
  • Regulation and Statute Compliance Ethical Practices


  • Founder Royse and Associates Training Company 1990-Present
  • Trains over 50% of all Real Estate Licensees in Alaska 1990-Present
  • Mortgage Originator Training for Major Mortgage Companies in Alaska and Washington
  • Broker Buyers Realty and Royse and Associates Real Estate Company 1987-Present
  • President, Inc 1998-Present
  • President 1999-Present


  • Advisor on many real estate legal matters settled out of court.
  • Alaska Real Estate Commission Reviewing Commissioner on numerous cases of statutory and regulatory violations, recommending penalties and enforcement actions.
  • Participation in drafting 35 Alaska Statutes and Regulations sections related to real estate.
  • REALTOR Professional Standards Hearing Officer.
  • Expert Testimony as requested at many Real Estate Commission meetings, discussions and hearings in Alaska, West Virginia and Oklahoma.
  • Certified Instructor State of Alaska 1991-Present.


  • Commissioner Alaska Real Estate Commission 2019-2020
  • Education Liaison Officer Alaska Real Estate Commission 2019-2020
  • Association of Real Estate License Law Officials Education Certification Committee 2021
  • Association of Real Estate License Law Officials Education Compliance Committee 2019-2020
  • Association of Real Estate License Law Officials Education Awards Task Force 2019-2020

See full resume: Click Here

Here's what a student says:

Royse & Assoc. (Jerry) has always ( past 20 some years anyway) been there - a "backup" - someone I know i could call if I really needed real estate advice. How it really is ! He knows what he's talking about from being there - in the trenches - so to speak ! And one can count on his advice being correct. He's spent the time learning the details, we all should have, but didn't ! I'm really glad he was around during my years in the business.

Kim Paisley

Standard Pricing

1/2 Hour $300 (Billed one-time)

1 Hour $500 (Billed one-time)

2 Hours $900 (Billed one-time)

3 Hours $1200 (Billed one-time)

6 Month Subscriptions

1/2 Hour consulting per month ($250 billed monthly for 6 months)

1/2 hour consulting per month ($1,200 billed one time)

1 hour consulting per month
($350 billed monthly for 6 months)

1 hour consulting per month ($1,800 billed one time)

Annual Subscriptions

1/2 hour per month for 12 months ($200 billed monthly for 12 months)

1/2 hour consulting per month ($2,000 billed 1 time)

1 hour consulting per month
($300 billed monthly for 12 months)

1 hour consulting per month ($3,000 billed 1 time)

Here's What You Get

Appointments that fit your schedule
Sessions recorded and recording sent to you
Top-quality service


Subscriptions require a 3 month minimum.
Cancellation prior to the end of the subscription is billed at the standard rate.
Subscription hours can be rolled over to future months not to exceed the length of the subscription.
Consulting services that exceed the time allotted will be billed in addition to the purchased price and is to be paid upon receipt.

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