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Didn't renew your license by January 31, 2022? Need to get your CE to reactivate your license for renewal or reinstatement? This is the class you need.

Continuing Education 2020-22 20-Hour ReActivation Class Correspondence

If you let your license lapse in January 2022, then you must reactivate your license by January 31, 2024 in order to retain your license. If you do not do this, you will lose your license and will have to start over with Sales PreLicensing and testing.

$ 429

Continuing Education 2020-22 12 Hours Elective Classes (ECE) Correspondence

Meets the requirements for 12 hours of elective classes towards the 20 hours of continuing education necessary to renew your license by January 31, 2022.

$ 249

Continuing Education 2020-22 8 Hours Required Classes (DCE) Correspondence

Meets the requirements for 8 hours of required classes towards the 20 hours of continuing education necessary to renew your license by January 31, 2022.

$ 180

2020-22 CE Required Courses: Correspondence for ReActivation

Key Take-aways

  1. 6 Regulation and statutes advertising violations that can cost you your license.
  2. 4 Key conflict of interest advertising requirements to avoid breaking state and federal law.
  3. 3 Advertising home office violations that can cost you and your broker dearly.
  4. 5 Telemarketing violations that can cost you $40,000 per call or more.
  5. 10 Digital advertising facts and conversion realities.
  6. 6 Website critical considerations if you want to make money.
  7. 5 Email myths and best practices to keep you out of the spam folder.

$ 35

Key Take-aways

  1. 4 Broker and team leader violations to avoid.

  2. 5 Critical documents to protect you in any lawsuit.

  3. 4 ways to protect yourself as a team member or team leader and avoid lawsuits.

  4. 6 Policies and procedures for teams and brokers to minimize liability.

  5. 4 Licensee representation choices for traditional brokerages and teams.

  6. 7 Key areas where assistants can help you make more money and areas to avoid.

  7. 4 Best practices for maintaining confidentiality with clients and avoid breaking the law.

$ 35

Key Take-aways

  1. Avoiding 5 key violations of the realtor code of ethics.
  2. 4 key strategies to help you prevail in a procuring cause hearing.
  3. 4 Conflict of interest disclosures to keep out of jail.
  4. Resolving ethical dilemmas with a proven 5 step tool.
  5. 7 Red flags that appear when you are facing ethical dilemmas.
  6. Avoiding 5 Ethical violations that can cost you thousands.
  7. Bonus material, writing an effective mission statement as a foundation for a business plan.

$ 35

Key Take-aways

  1. Understanding 6 prohibited conduct violations that can cost you your license.

  2. 5 Referral fees and kickbacks dangers that violate state and federal law.

  3. 8 Examples of licensees who have paid dearly for violations.

  4. 3 appropriate times when to disclose compensation to avoid breaking the law.

  5. 6 dangers in employing assistants for licensed and unlicensed activity.

  6. 6 Fair housing requirements and practices to keep you out of trouble.

  7. Knowing 7 ways when unlicensed assistants can cost you your license.

$ 35

2022-24 CE Elective Classes: Correspondence

Key Take-aways

  1. 15 handouts and tools that you can use, to increase your negotiation preparation and income.
  2. 3 different types of negotiation practices and why one of them is absolutely the best for your success.
  3. 5 important considerations that form the foundation of a win-win negotiation increasing your bottom line.
  4. 8 different types of power that are critical to understand in the negotiation process.
  5. 4 dirty tricks that can be used against you in a negotiation and how to overcome them.
  6. 8 negotiation closing techniques that will make you and your clients more money
  7. 5 levels in defining the hierarchy of persuasion to establish long-term and profitable client relationships.

$ 35

Key Take-aways

  1. What are the 3 documentation differences between a service animal and emotional support animal.

  2. 2 lead-based paint mistakes that can cost the licensee $11,000.

  3. 4 recent landlord tenant act changes it can affect you directly and can make you more money.

  4. 3 licensee property management mistakes that could cost the broker and licensee their license.

  5. 7 key provisions in residential and commercial leases to keep me out of disputes.

  6. 22 Association management considerations that identify profit centers.

  7. 10 emotional support animal letter provisions, you can enforce to avoid making a mistake.

$ 120

Key Take-aways

  1. 4 steps to understand your customers needs so you can make the transaction better for both sides.
  2. 7 key questions to ask to determine the buyer’s financial ability.
  3. 10 smart considerations when showing the property to close the sale.
  4. 7 important considerations when pricing the property so you can make more sales.
  5. 3 charts that you can use with your seller presentation to identify the dangers of overpricing.
  6. 6 power pricing scripts you can use to increase sales
  7. 3 power pricing theories for faster sales

$ 35

4 Hours Elective CE: Asset Protection

2 hours elective ce Risk Management for Real Estate Investors and 2 hours elective ce Organizing and Managing a Real Estate Office as an LLC

$ 70

Key Take-aways

  1. Licensees are sued 5-7 times in their career. How do I protect myself, so I don’t lose everything?

  2. What 4 types of documentation is critical to defend myself and my LLC. If I am sued?

  3. What are the 2 riskiest business structures that could cost me a lot of money?

  4. How do I avoid IRS audits when choosing my business structure?

  5. 4 key considerations in deciding whether an S Corp is right for me and what are the benefits to me?

  6. 5 dangers I should avoid to minimize my exposure when sued in a transaction when it wasn’t my fault.

  7. 3 considerations to avoid losing my house if I’m sued in a real estate transaction.

$ 35

Key Take-aways

  1. 4 key considerations when considering a LLC or limited partnership, what’s the best choice for me?

  2. Why sole proprietorships are the worst form of business entity for me, what’s the other one?

  3. 5 shortcomings of corporations.

  4. 7 key steps in setting up my limited liability entity correctly, so it really protects me.

  5. What’s the best entity choice to minimize my taxes legally?

  6. What 5 assets should I leave out of an LLC?

  7. 6 key considerations in setting up an LLC to comply with Alaska state law and reduce my risk.

$ 35

2 Hours Elective CE: Inspection and Disclosures

$ 35

2 Hours Elective CE: Contract Law as it Pertains to Documents used in Real Estate Contracts

$ 35

Continuing Education


We are an outstanding school offering the best services to our students.

You get more than just the basics

Jerry provides cutting edge education.

Some of the classes include:

  • Ethical Situations
  • Title Reports-Encroachments-Easements
  • Contract Law as it pertains to documents used in Real Estate contracts
  • Inspections and Disclosures
  • Property Management
  • Negotiation and Counseling
  • Landlord Tenant Act Basics
  • Financing Real Estate By Building Business Credit
  • Risk Management for Real Estate Investors
  • Trusts, Estates and Probate
  • Organizing and Managing a Real Estate Office as an LLC
  • Organizing Real Estate Offices and Taxes
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • License Law
  • Evaluation and Pricing
  • Property Management
  • Paperwork and Risk Management
  • Financing and Closing
  • Practical Supervision
  • Risk Management
  • Recovery and Trust Fund Accounts
  • Practical Office Management

Royse and Associates' Real Estate Continuing Education meets the Alaska Real Estate Commission's requirements for licensing in Alaska. Our training is provided in two day classes featuring gourmet food alongside Jerry's years of experience or by correspondence, which has handouts as well as video, through our online real estate school.

Always the #1 choice for real estate professionals, Royse and Associates provides the most up-to-date information to meet your Continuing Education needs and advance your real estate career. Learn from one of the country's top Real Estate Trainers. Jerry has taught for over 25 years in 46 states and 4 countries. You will learn proven solutions and secrets used by respected real estate professionals.


Our students come back cycle after cycle for all their training needs.

For over 25 years the #1 choice for real estate professionals who want the best resources available. Royse and Associates provides the most up-to-date information to meet your continuing education needs and advance your real estate career.


Jerry provides cutting edge education while offering his years of insights and expertise.

Delivery Options Include:
  • Live Classes
  • Correspondence
  • Virtual Classes via Zoom

Quality Education with a Difference

Hundreds of hours have been invested in providing content, bonus material, and delivery choices for continuing education. Information has been extracted from conferences, expert witness cases, professional newsletter subscriptions, and research done over the past two years to deliver important information for our students and advertisers.

We are now serving as consultants for multiple brokerages and have performed as an expert witness in advising over 35 real estate lawsuits. Additionally, time on the Real Estate Commission and leadership positions in many real estate organizations are incorporated into the insights that you will learn in your training. Managing a large brokerage and being involved in over 1200 transactions, I have also developed insights that will be useful for you.

As the number one -ranked instructor in the CRS Council, I also participated in leadership roles gaining additional insights. I have taught top producers in 46 states and five countries and their insights will also be brought to bear in the classes.

You will receive the benefit of hundreds of hours that have been invested refining and editing the programs that are delivered live, by Zoom where you can ask questions, and by on-demand correspondence classes that you can take any time for your convenience. All classes have bonus materials and videos to help you in your real estate career and improve your life. It is not just a one shot at learning because all the videos and resources are available on demand, so you can revisit the material anytime you need a refresher.

All classes are specifically designed for the Alaska marketplace delivered by a top producer with over 40 years of experience. You deserve the very best and we deliver it to you. Here are some of the things that you will learn next week in our Zoom program or in our correspondence or live classes. Our program also gives you access to all of the videos and materials on demand for your convenience anytime you wish for the next two years.

Michelle W.

"He gives such a great presentation."

Linda G.

The classes get better and more informative every time I go.

Paul G.

Great Class. Very Informative. Great use of my time.

Rob F.

This was a great class. It was informative and entertaining at the same time.

Merle N.

This is the first 2-day class of yours I have taken.  3 cheers and hurrah for your classes.  This is by far the best CE classes I have ever attended.  More informative. More interesting.  More challenging.  Thank you!

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