Property Disclosure (2369)

Mandatory and Area Specific Property Disclosure

The new 34.70 Real Property Disclosure Form and how to use it correctly.

The new property disclosure form has taken over 4 years to revise. Are you prepared to help your sellers reduce their risk and yours by explaining the form correctly?

60% of all lawsuits are based on inaccurate property disclosures. You can use this fast paced 1 hour class for CE or if you are a new licensee, you can use it as part of your post licensing requirement, to make sure you reduce your client’s risk and yours from lawsuits.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Students will list the 5 major mistakes sellers make that get themselves and you sued.
  2. Students will review the new disclosure form to identify 4 best practices to reduce their risk.

It is critical to understand what the new form does and does not do. In 1 hour you will learn how to avoid risk and do a better job for your self and your clients.

You get:

  • Real Property Disclosure Form-State of Alaska
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Webinar on Property Disclosures
  • Detailed video on the specifics of how to fill out the Real Property Disclosure form. Great to show to your clients!
  • Background information on the statute

This course is great for all licensees, consumers, and sellers doing FSBO.

4 Property Disclosure Resources

Completing Form Webinar

How to fill out the new 34.70
Property Disclosure Form Video

This video is designed for sellers and real estate licensees. It's designed to share with your sellers to help them fill out the form correctly to reduce their risk and yours.

Full Disclosure Webinar

Zoom or On Demand 1 Hour CE
or Post Licensing Class

This extended video reviews the reasons why effective property disclosure is critical to your real estate practice or real estate sale.

You can ask questions during any scheduled Zoom class or watch the replay anytime you want. You can also share this extended version with your clients.

Disclosure Outline Cover

You receive a full 28 page outline that
informs you on critical points

Discover why proper disclosure can reduce lawsuits and help transactions close.

You need to get the best-in-class insights gained from Jerry's 32 expert witness cases as well as 30 years of teaching more than 42 subjects and drafting over 1,200 contracts. He is an independent instructor, unmatched in Alaska, with a pragmatic approach who isn't trying to recruit you or fund your competitors. You get unfiltered wisdom to increase your success.

Property Disclosure Form-img

Property Disclosure Form with step by step instructions on best practices to reduce risk

It is critical to understand what the new form does and does not do. In 1 hour you will learn how to avoid risk and do a better job for yourself and your clients. Or watch the condensed 22 minute version that walks you thru filling out the form correctly.

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Jerry Royse makes learning fun!

John D.

"Class materials were amazing. I passed the very first time!"

Jane C.

"I came from another school where I just didn't get what I needed to pass the test. Jerry's class provided me with all the resources I needed."

Genece H.

Very informative!  Heard from several sources that you were the best pre-licensing class."

Ed W.

"Excellent course...focused, on-target training...very much appreciated."

Nathan L.

"You guys are great.  I am looking forward to Continued Education."

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