EDGE Maui 2023

Transferring your class from EDGE Maui 2023

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations for EDGE Maui can only be applied towards other classes. There will be a 4% fee for the transfer. Any balances can be applied to future Royse and Associates programs. If the conference is cancelled by the hotel, or for any other reason outside the control of Royse and Associates, the registration fee is not refundable but will be able to be applied to future classes.

A note on Maui from Jerry

EDGE Maui Continuing Education Conference Update


In light of recent events on Maui, we understand the concerns many of you may have regarding the upcoming EDGE Maui Continuing Education Conference from November 30 to December 5, 2023. We wish to provide clarity and address your concerns.

First and foremost, we would like to extend our heartfelt thoughts to the residents of Maui affected by the fire in August. Natural disasters can leave a lasting impact on local communities and their businesses. I personally lost a good friend in Lahaina.

We have closely monitored the situation and are in constant communication with local authorities and businesses. From our assessments, a significant portion of the west side of Maui remains unaffected, and these areas are more than equipped to host our conference.

In addition to hosting our conference, we are taking proactive measures to assist the affected community. **We are coordinating volunteer efforts from among our conference attendees to support local recovery and aid initiatives.** If you are interested in getting more information about these volunteer efforts or if you wish to participate, please send an email to jroyse@earthyp.com Details about specific activities will be provided as we get closer to December.

Given the circumstances, the people of Maui need our support more than ever. Holding the conference and volunteering can play a part in revitalizing the local economy and aiding recovery efforts. We understand the power of community and believe in the strength of collective support.

That said, we completely respect and understand if anyone feels hesitant or decides to switch their course to another Continuing Education class. We have always prioritized the comfort and safety of our attendees.

Please complete the form to execute the transfer.

For those who remain committed to attending the EDGE Maui Conference, and for those considering volunteering, we sincerely thank you for your support. Together, we can make a positive impact for the people of Maui during this challenging time.

Mahalo for your understanding and compassion.

Warm Regards,


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