Jerry Royse, the primary instructor and consultant at Royse and Associates Real Estate Training and Consulting, is a renowned figure in the realm of real estate education. With a formidable track record of teaching in 26 states and 5 countries for over 25 years, Jerry has imparted knowledge to thousands of eager students, covering a range of topics from Sales Pre-Licensing to real estate Continuing Education. His rich tapestry of experiences isn't limited to just training; Jerry has stood as an expert witness in more than 30 legal cases, safeguarding the interests of real estate licensees. His deep-rooted expertise in Alaskan real estate, coupled with his varied industry experiences, establishes him as a leading authority on the subject.

A Special Invitation from Jerry:

Are you a student with a question? Are you faced with a real estate query or seeking insights into the intricacies of the industry? Here's your golden opportunity to tap into the vast reservoir of knowledge Jerry Royse offers.

Fill out the form below, and let Jerry address your questions with the same expertise and precision he's delivered in classrooms across continents.

**Disclaimer:** Please note that we do not provide individual tutoring. Some questions might delve into areas that require consulting services. For detailed consulting requirements, please refer to our services at

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