Property Management Evictions Webinar

The property management evictions and best practices webinar earlier this week was a big hit with participants from all over the state zooming in for a great discussion and sharing of ideas that can help you. I wanted to say thanks for their participation and contribution.

We were asked to do it again for those that couldn’t make it and asked if we could do it earlier in the day.
So we will do it again next week Thursday, October 15, during the day 2-3 PM. There is no charge for either licensees or landlords alike. We had a great Q&A session where property managers from around the state shared experiences and ideas they have been having during these challenging times.

A couple of key takeaways from this week’s webinar:
Add a Lease Break Provision in your lease if a tenant is going to move out before the lease is over.  As property managers and landlords we have a responsibility to try to mitigate any loss and try to get a new tenant in, but we can require the tenant to pay costs.  Attorneys recommended not tying the Lease Break Fee to the monthly lease rate or a portion of it, like 1/2 month rent, because the judges don’t like it expressed that way and may disallow it.  So make it a flat fee for best results.

We will discuss some of the restrictions on evictions at the webinar but some property managers have had success in 30 day notices not tied to no payment of rent and state troopers are now slowly helping on moving some tenants out.

That informational webinar next week addresses some questions and concerns regarding best practices and also pitfalls related to state and federal laws regarding evictions during this lock down period.  No charge for the webinar.  

You can sign up for the update by following the link below to our website below and clicking on the Property Management Resources and Classes link once you get there.When you sign up you also get access to some great resources

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