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Alaska State Law


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License by Endorsement

Sec. 08.88.263. License by Endorsement.

A person who holds a valid active real estate license issued by another state shall be granted an equivalent Alaska real estate license if that person:

(1) passes the portion of the real estate examination which examines on Alaska law; and
(2) meets the requirements of AS 08.88.171
(3) satisfies the educational requirements under AS 08.88.095(a) if the person has not held the license issued by the other state for one year or more.


Objectives By Module

Module 8

Alaska Real Estate License Law-64.063.(c)7

Segment Discussion:

Learning Objective:
What will the attendee be able to do after the course

Alaska Real Estate Statutes and Regulations

List Key Alaska Real Estate Statutes and Regulations

Licensing and Examinations Requirements

Identify Licensing and Examination Requirements

Business and Conduct

Differentiate Good and Bad Business Conduct

Education and General Provisions

Apply Education and General Provisions

Surety Fund Claims

Describe the Process for Surety Fund Claims

Alaska Real Estate Commission Structure

Write Down the Alaska Real Estate Commission Structure

Alaska Landlord Tenant Law Sections

Match Alaska Landlord Tenant Law Sections


Identify Requirements of Evictions

Trust Accounting

List Procedures for Trust Accounting

Duties and Requirements of Real Estate Licensees

Identify Duties and Requirements of Real Estate Licensees

Other Alaska Laws Impacting Real Estate

List Other Alaska Laws Impacting Real Estate

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