Fast Start Business Planning Series Webinars

Approved for Continuing Education and Broker Post Licensing

Exciting new classes especially designed with your business growth in mind.

These classes have been field tested for success in 46 states and five countries

Students have consistently given the highest marks to these classes and have stated that every licensee should take advantage of this information to improve their business.

Four brand new classes uniquely designed with your business growth in mind

In these classes you won't just learn the basics. You will actually begin the process of writing your business plan and create actionable goals and strategies.

  • These classes are designed to build upon each other to deliver a comprehensive solution, guaranteed to increase your success, increase your bottom line, and make your life better. They are incredibly powerful when added together.
  • Each class is focused on different aspects of your business plan. They can be taken individually for areas of focus you need, or take them all as a comprehensive package and watch your profits increase!

Individual classes are $20 for 1-credit or get all 4 classes in the series for $75

which you can apply to either Continuing Education or Broker Post Licensing.

Save money on the full course

Even better, we have designed a tremendous savings for those who wish to complete their educational process and register for the full 20-hour CE course, or the 30-hour Broker Post Licensing course, and you save hundreds of dollars.

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Get all 4 webinars:

Fast Start Business Planning

On-demand Correspondence

All 4 of these 1-credit classes can be applied towards CE or Broker Post Licensing for only $75.

  • Performing a S.W.O.T. Analysis 
  • Refining your mission 
  • Tracking your conversions 
  • Setting effective goals 

Performing a S.W.O.T. Analysis (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

to get pointed in the right direction.

  • Analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, guarantees the highest business success.
  • You have to know where you are, to effectively figure out where you’re going to go.
  • Situation analysis is the critical first step to sensational and proven business rewards.

This 1-credit on-demand, correspondence course can be applied towards CE or Broker Post Licensing for only $20


Refining your mission

to get your team in alignment.

  • Learn to ensure your goals and mission are in alignment to maximize bottom line.
  • Getting your team in alignment with goals is critical.
  • Understand how you can perform your most critical objectives.
  • Aligning the missions and goals is powerful and effective.

This 1-credit on-demand, correspondence course can be applied towards CE or Broker Post Licensing for only $20


Tracking your conversions

to identify smart adjustments to increase profits and success.

  • Knowing where business is coming from, helps you make the right decisions to grow.
  • Learn how to effectively make investment decisions based on tracking results.
  • You gain tools to track results and make the best decisions to gain opportunities.

This 1-credit on-demand, correspondence course can be applied towards CE or Broker Post Licensing for only $20


Setting effective goals

to avoid burnout.

  • Understand the key elements in setting effective goals to quickly achieve results.
  • Learn the secret to set goals that put your subconscious to work.
  • Creating balance in your goals makes a remarkable life.

This 1-credit on-demand, correspondence course can be applied towards CE or Broker Post Licensing for only $20

These 4 classes are a part of our upgraded Post Licensing and CE series to get new licensees, or experienced licensees, updated on best practices. They are delivered via Zoom but can be viewed again after the class to refresh the key concepts.

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Continuing Education 2022-24 20-hour Course

Register for the LIVE CE Class for $429

Register for CE Correspondence and Save $50


Broker Post Licensing 30-hour Course

Individual courses are $20 per credit hour.

Buy the entire Broker Post Licensing 30-hour class for $500.

Save over $100!

John D.

"Class materials were amazing. I passed the very first time!"

Jane C.

"I came from another school where I just didn't get what I needed to pass the test. Jerry's class provided me with all the resources I needed."

Genece H.

Very informative!  Heard from several sources that you were the best pre-licensing class."

Ed W.

"Excellent course...focused, on-target training...very much appreciated."

Nathan L.

"You guys are great.  I am looking forward to Continued Education."

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