Continuing Education 2022-24

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11 reasons why should you try Royse and Associates?

  1. More options in course delivery: Live, Zoom, or Correspondence.
  2. Insights gained from 35 expert witness engagements so you avoid pitfalls.
  3. Hundreds of hours spent refining material so you save time.
  4. You receive insights to exceed from 46 states and 5 countries.
  5. Highest rated training company in Alaska for 28 years.
  6. Access to more relevant resources enhancing your practice.
  7. Industry webinars only available to students so you gain inside secrets.
  8. Conferences in resort destinations with expert presenters so you have fun.
  9. Access to video recordings of classes so you can review important subjects.
  10. More class variety for you to choose from - Over 120 hours of CE.
  11. Right now you can save up to $130 on any Royse and Associates CE class.


  • September 16-17, 2023
  • September 18-19, 2023 Continuing Education Property Management Focus
  • November 11-12, 2023
  • January 6-7, 2024
  • November 13-14 live CE
  • January 8-9 live CE

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Save $100 on Continuing Education Live Classes.

2022-24 Continuing Education 20 Hours Live Classes



Save $130 on Continuing Education Correspondence Classes.

2022-24 Continuing Education 20 Hours Live Classes



Save $100 on Continuing Education in Maui, HI

2022-24 Continuing Education 20 Hours Live Classes



These specials are for licensees who have never taken a class with Royse and Associates


Jerry Royse makes learning fun!

About your instructor:

Your instructor has participated as an expert witness in over 35 real estate lawsuits and is hired as a consultant by many real estate brokers and leading licensees. The experience gained from his work learned from 35 years of leadership in real estate practice, including years on the Real Estate Commission and participation in drafting forms for decades, has given him insights to help you avoid problems and maximize the effectiveness of your real estate practice.

Heres what Students Say
  • Get more than any other school

    He knows what he’s talking about. He’s really good. The videos are impressive.
    Bernie M.

  • Always left motivated

    I always enjoy the education, insight and stories provided at Jerry’s classes. I’ve always left motivated and informed.
    Bryan T.

  • Excellent support team

    I absolutely adore Jerry Royse and Cheryl Imbriani. They are stellar professionals, prompt, reliable, accessible, providing first-rate classes and support. I am so glad they are here for us. Thank you, Jerry, thank you, Cheryl.
    Marianne G.

  • Fantastic as always!

    Thanks Jerry for another great conference. I learned quite a bit this year from the content you provided and made great contacts, as I always do at this event. Thanks Jerry.
    Kelli B.

Quality Education with a Difference

Hundreds of hours have been invested in providing content, bonus material, and delivery choices for continuing education. Information has been extracted from conferences, expert witness cases, professional newsletter subscriptions, and research done over the past two years to deliver important information for our students and advertisers.

We are now serving as consultants for multiple brokerages and have performed as an expert witness in advising over 35 real estate lawsuits. Additionally, time on the Real Estate Commission and leadership positions in many real estate organizations are incorporated into the insights that you will learn in your training. Managing a large brokerage and being involved in over 1200 transactions, I have also developed insights that will be useful for you.

As the number one -ranked instructor in the CRS Council, I also participated in leadership roles gaining additional insights. I have taught top producers in 46 states and five countries and their insights will also be brought to bear in the classes.

You will receive the benefit of hundreds of hours that have been invested refining and editing the programs that are delivered live, by Zoom where you can ask questions, and by on-demand correspondence classes that you can take any time for your convenience. All classes have bonus materials and videos to help you in your real estate career and improve your life. It is not just a one shot at learning because all the videos and resources are available on demand, so you can revisit the material anytime you need a refresher.

All classes are specifically designed for the Alaska marketplace delivered by a top producer with over 40 years of experience. You deserve the very best and we deliver it to you. Here are some of the things that you will learn next week in our Zoom program or in our correspondence or live classes. Our program also gives you access to all of the videos and materials on demand for your convenience anytime you wish for the next two years.

Continuing Education


We are an outstanding school offering the best services to our students.

You get more than just the basics

Jerry provides cutting edge education.

Some of the classes include:

  • Ethical Situations
  • Title Reports-Encroachments-Easements
  • Contract Law as it pertains to documents used in Real Estate contracts
  • Inspections and Disclosures
  • Property Management
  • Negotiation and Counseling
  • Landlord Tenant Act Basics
  • Financing Real Estate By Building Business Credit
  • Risk Management for Real Estate Investors
  • Trusts, Estates and Probate
  • Organizing and Managing a Real Estate Office as an LLC
  • Organizing Real Estate Offices and Taxes
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • License Law
  • Evaluation and Pricing
  • Property Management
  • Paperwork and Risk Management
  • Financing and Closing
  • Practical Supervision
  • Risk Management
  • Recovery and Trust Fund Accounts
  • Practical Office Management

Royse and Associates' Real Estate Continuing Education meets the Alaska Real Estate Commission's requirements for licensing in Alaska. Our training is provided in two day classes featuring gourmet food alongside Jerry's years of experience or by correspondence, which has handouts as well as video, through our online real estate school.

Always the #1 choice for real estate professionals, Royse and Associates provides the most up-to-date information to meet your Continuing Education needs and advance your real estate career. Learn from one of the country's top Real Estate Trainers. Jerry has taught for over 25 years in 46 states and 4 countries. You will learn proven solutions and secrets used by respected real estate professionals.


Our students come back cycle after cycle for all their training needs.

For over 25 years the #1 choice for real estate professionals who want the best resources available. Royse and Associates provides the most up-to-date information to meet your continuing education needs and advance your real estate career.


Jerry provides cutting edge education while offering his years of insights and expertise.

Delivery Options Include:
  • Live Classes
  • Correspondence
  • Virtual Classes via Zoom

Michelle W.

"He gives such a great presentation."

Linda G.

The classes get better and more informative every time I go.

Paul G.

Great Class. Very Informative. Great use of my time.

Rob F.

This was a great class. It was informative and entertaining at the same time.

Merle N.

This is the first 2-day class of yours I have taken.  3 cheers and hurrah for your classes.  This is by far the best CE classes I have ever attended.  More informative. More interesting.  More challenging.  Thank you!

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