Asset Protection

2 hours elective CE: Risk Management for Real Estate Investors AND 2 hours elective CE: Organizing and Managing a Real Estate Office as an LLC

$ 70

Key Take-aways

  1. Licensees are sued 5-7 times in their career. How do I protect myself, so I don’t lose everything?

  2. What 4 types of documentation is critical to defend myself and my LLC. If I am sued?

  3. What are the 2 riskiest business structures that could cost me a lot of money?

  4. How do I avoid IRS audits when choosing my business structure?

  5. 4 key considerations in deciding whether an S Corp is right for me and what are the benefits to me?

  6. 5 dangers I should avoid to minimize my exposure when sued in a transaction when it wasn’t my fault.

  7. 3 considerations to avoid losing my house if I’m sued in a real estate transaction.

$ 35

Key Take-aways

  1. 4 key considerations when considering a LLC or limited partnership, what’s the best choice for me?

  2. Why sole proprietorships are the worst form of business entity for me, what’s the other one?

  3. 5 shortcomings of corporations.

  4. 7 key steps in setting up my limited liability entity correctly, so it really protects me.

  5. What’s the best entity choice to minimize my taxes legally?

  6. What 5 assets should I leave out of an LLC?

  7. 6 key considerations in setting up an LLC to comply with Alaska state law and reduce my risk.

$ 35

Whether you are a landlord or a property manager this class is for you.

One of the riskiest business practices in the United States is property management. You can work hard for decades’ and lose everything in one lawsuit.

This webinar gives an overview on risks and how to manage them so you can avoid losing everything in one lawsuit.

Topics Include.

  1. What insurance doesn't cover
  2. Commingling and Piercing the Corporate Veil
  3. Inside vs Outside Lawsuits
  4. Slip and Fall Strategies
  5. Structuring Rental Properties for Asset Protection

$ 20

Asset Protection


We are an outstanding school offering the best services to our students.


"Awesome training! I will be coming back with guests!" Lance D.

"Very informative.  Real life experience situations provided were helpful in understanding the course material." Eric K.

"Im wanting to structure family assets and set them up for growth. This information is perfect! Thanks!" Kathy R.


The average professional in the United States is sued 5-7 times in their professional career. That’s 5-7 times in your career when you could lose everything you have worked so hard to get. Many successful real estate professionals and many business owners could lose everything because of the way they have their assets structured. The skill set of keeping your wealth is different than the skill set to earn it.

Unsurpassed value

Many think that a trust or corporation is all the Asset Protection they need but there is nothing further from the truth. Explore the right structure for both your business and personal assets. Classes are structured individually and include topics such as:

  • 5 shortcomings of a corporation
  • 2 best states to incorporate
  • 6 critical components of an effective Asset Protection plan
  • 3 critical differences between a Family Limited Partnership(FLP) and an LLC
  • 5 disastrous mistakes in setting up FLPs and LLCs
  • 4 strategies to avoid capital gains tax
  • 3 strategies to avoid probate and inheritance tax
  • 5 critical elements in setting up a trust
  • and much more
Change your life


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