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Real Estate

One of the wisest investment strategies a person can make, and how wealth is generally grown for most, is in the real estate space. However, risks and lawsuits have become a fact of life. Whether you are trying to grow your real estate practice, build your portfolio or trying to protect yourself from lawsuits, real estate content will help you succeed and help you make better decisions moving forward.

Digital Marketing

It's important that business owners stay abreast of the trends in digital marketing to help grow their business. Consumers are shifting to digital platforms because of the COVID-19 situation. This content addresses a number of different things that businesses continue to take advantage of that shift to grow profits. Subjects include optimizing websites for better returns, email campaigns, review processes, and using digital tools to enhance your sphere of influence for business growth.

Business Growth and Planning

Given the changes in business in today's world it's important that businesses work smarter not harder. The content in this newsletter focuses on what businesses can do to increase their profit by both increasing income and decreasing expenses. Understanding how to make the smart decisions and forecast future for growth to reduce stress and increase profit is important for all business.

Asset Protection

Lawsuits are everywhere and it's important today to be able to protect the assets you've accumulated through your hard work. 94% of all lawsuits in the world come from the United States and there are strategies that you can use to protect yourself from losing everything that you've accumulated in your life's work in one crazy lawsuit. Learn the strategies you need to employ in order to be able to protect yourself and your family from frivolous lawsuits and help minimize your risk for your business and your family.

Upcoming Webinars and Classes

Having done hundreds of hours of webinars I know it's important that you take advantage of the most current trends by gaining information quickly from the interesting webinars and classes that we offer. Don't miss subjects that would make a big difference in your business by taking advantage of our weekly and monthly webinars and classes to enhance your skill sets and make you more money.

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