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Billions of dollars in damages and settlements against the real estate profession means you need to take the implementation of a written buyer brokerage agreement policy and documentation standard seriously! Immediately! It is critical for all real estate professionals to enhance their professional expertise with our comprehensive suite of tools designed to clarify the role of the real estate professional and the nuances of the Buyer Broker Agreement. You can effectively document the communication to increase your professionalism and reduce risk.

Refined over 30 years with thousands of buyers, your time is too valuable to reinvent the wheel. Our resources are crafted to make the process both engaging and easy to understand, ensuring you can effectively communicate your role and responsibilities to clients.

The Essential Buyer Broker Agreement is a pivotal contract between a prospective buyer and a real estate broker or licensee. It meticulously outlines the responsibilities of each party throughout the home buying process. Our tools are tailored to help you grasp the full scope of the broker's duties, the rights of the buyer, and even the benefits to the seller. By leveraging these insights, you can facilitate smoother transactions, build trust with your clients, and enhance your negotiation strategies, all of which contribute to more successful outcomes to help you build your real estate practice.



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    Smart Choices Video

The definitive guide to explain the relationship between real estate professionals for over 30 years, Smart Choices is easy to follow and helps make things clear quickly. This information helps consumers and professionals alike. It helps you understand what you can expect from the real estate professionals to avoid costly mistakes. Recently updated to today’s world of real estate practice, it helps you understand the evolution of relationships in the profession of real estate for both consumers and professionals, this great tool helps you establish the foundation and puts you on the right track.

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    Smart Choices Transcript

This transcript helps you follow along with this authoritative 7 minute video, Smart Choices, that has been an industry standard for over 30 years. It helps you understand and clearly explains the role of the buyer broker and the listing professional, so you don’t miss a thing. You will examine both the historical relationship that has been followed for over 50 years and is still the rule in 80% of the states. And the film addresses those changes that have been adopted in many states over the last 30 years as the relationship has evolved.

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    Class Action Lawsuit Video

Billions of dollars in settlements and judgements have challenged the structure of real estate business practices that have evolved over the decades. The risk is real and real estate professionals need to be informed on what changes they need to make and the extent of the various lawsuits and how it impacts them.

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    Class Action Lawsuit Handout

This handout helps you follow along with the Class Action Lawsuit Video to help you grasp the seriousness of the threat to the real estate market and profession. Learn more that you can share with clients to significantly increase your value and reduce risk.

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    1-Hour Overview Video on the Buyer Broker Relationship and Agreement

The history of buyer representation has evolved to help refine the real estate marketplace to benefit buyers and sellers. This video explains both how the industry has changed, and why it changed. You will understand more completely and gain depth and value, so you can share that information with your clients whether they are buying or selling. It enhances your business skills and helps you deliver more value to your real estate practice.

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    Documentation of the 1-Hour Comprehensive Video on the Buyer Broker Relationship Video

It’s important to have access to the slides that help explain the history of the evolution of the real estate industry and the profession of Buyer Representation. Increase your understanding and gain access to visual aids you can share with your clients to help them understand the role of the real estate professionals in their transaction. This tool will help you in your presentations and professionalism.

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    45-Minute Video on the Buyer Broker Agreement

Unlock the full potential of the Buyer Broker Agreement with our 45-minute video guide. Designed for real estate professionals, this tutorial provides a detailed walkthrough of the agreement's key elements and their practical implications. Learn essential strategies to effectively implement the agreement and protect both you and your clients in every transaction.

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    Master Transcript of the Buyer Broker Agreement Video

The video contains a lot of information you may want to review, and this transcript helps you understand critical points. Key scripts and dialogs are given that you can use to refine your presentation to buyers while you walk them through this critical document that is now required because of the recent Class Action Lawsuit settlements and judgements.

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    Essential Buyer Broker Representation Agreement Form

Developed over 30 years and 2,000 presentations by the industry’s leading buyer broker expert, this document can serve as the foundation for advancing your buyer brokerage practice. It helps you fulfill the new requirements of consistent use of a buyer broker contract with your buyers. Access the Essential Buyer Broker Agreement Form to save time and formalize client relationships. This crucial document clearly outlines responsibilities, defines duties, and protects compensation rights, building trust and enhancing the efficiency of your real estate dealings.

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    22-Minute Role Play Presenting the Buyer Broker Agreement Video

Learn from the best while you streamline client interactions with our 22-minute Role Play Video, expertly crafted to guide you through the Buyer Broker Agreement process. This step-by-step visual guide demonstrates how you can present this form to your clients. It helps you insure accurate and efficient form completion to reduce your risk and increase your professionalism. By demonstrating real-life scenarios and best practices in a live presentation, this video equips you for professional consultations, boosting client confidence and facilitating smoother transactions and increases your profit.

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    Buyer Broker Agreement Video Role Play Transcript

You can review exactly what was said and how it is said so you can save time in refining your presentation to your buyers. Accessing the Essential Buyer Broker Agreement Form to formalize client relationships while explaining the purpose in the most professional way. This crucial document clearly outlines responsibilities, defines duties, and protects compensation rights, building trust while enhancing the efficiency of your real estate dealings.

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Here are some key aspects of a buyer broker agreement:
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    Broker's Duties

    The agreement typically specifies the broker's obligations to the buyer, such as making efforts to find suitable properties, arranging viewings, and providing relevant market information and advice.

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    Buyer's Duties

    The agreement may also outline the buyer's responsibilities, such as working exclusively with the broker during the term of the agreement, and being open and honest about their financial situation and property preferences.

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    The contract will state its term, specifying the start and end dates of the agreement. This period can vary but is typically for a few months.

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    Details on how the broker will be compensated for their services are included. Often, the broker's commission is paid by the seller at closing, but the agreement may specify circumstances under which the buyer would need to pay the broker directly.

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    Many buyer broker agreements are exclusive, meaning the buyer agrees not to hire another broker during the term of the agreement. Non-exclusive agreements are also possible but less common.

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    he agreement will outline conditions under which either party can terminate the contract before its expiration date, including any notice requirements and potential penalties or costs.

This contract serves to protect the interests of both the buyer and the broker, ensuring that the broker is compensated for their efforts in helping the buyer find a property, and that the buyer receives the dedicated services of the broker. 



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