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Here's what our clients are saying about us...


"This was a great class. It was informative and entertaining the same time." Rob Freeman
"Very informative!  Heard from several sources that you were the best pre-licensing class."  Genece Hefty
"I really enjoyed the class.  Thank you." Moriah Callison
"Great job! This course was comprehensive and was made as interesting as possible.  The examples given by the instructors helped make it easy to understand.  Thanks!" David Lewis
"Very informative.  Real life experience situations provided were helpful in understanding the course material." Eric K. Kaiser
"I heard that this class was very informative; this is very true." Omar Johnson
"Excellent course...focused, on-target training...very much appreciated." Ed Walden
"You guys are great.  I am looking forward to Continued Education." Nathan Lankford
"This was great!  Filled with information and not boring!  Loved the instructors too :-)"  Anya

Continuing Education:

"This is the first 2-day class of yours I have taken.  3 cheers and hurrah for your classes.  This is by far the best CE classes I have ever attended.  More informative. More interesting.  More challenging.  Thank you!  God bless you as you continue your success."  Merle Nordby
"Classes addressed more questions than I had even wondered about.  So, I will definitely be back when I need another 20 hours."  Chris Rocheleau
"Thanks for two valuable days."  Clyde Baxley
"Great class.  Thanks for the humanistic view."  Lee O'Hare
"The classes were excellent.  Jerry made it very interesting and allowed interaction with other students.  IT is important that he paid attention to the class and everyone's needs.  For the first time I not only learned a lot but also enjoyed myself.  Jerry is very knowledgeable and good at what he does."  Ranna Fekrat
"Jerry is very informative and interesting.  This is the third class of Jerry's I have taken and he keeps my attention every time."  Courtney Durham
"Excellent, timely and relevant.  Agency course work was expecially well done!"  Ronald Rocksted
"Excellent class.  Very nicely done with up to date topics and issues that concern our industry today." Chad Roberts
"Jerry, you gave a great presentation during the two days keeping the subject moving in and interesting nanner.  Thank you. Excellent!!"  Don Lowell
"Class was very good, insightful and helpful."  The personal stories make it interesting.  The class you teach are by far the best I've attended. T hank you."  John Bachner
"Excellent - thank you."  Kathleen Phillippsborn
"Jerry Royse is a fantastic instructor."  Brandi Nelson
"Good job!  As always 'entertaining.'" Harley Harris
"This was the best explanation of Agency I have heard yet."  Carl DePriest
"Class was very informative.  Clear teaching made a lot of subjects...easy to understand....thank you."  Pam Manfrey
"Excellent food and snacks."  Randy Boyd
"Very in-depth on all aspects of class! 4 stars Jerry keeps the class going with his enthusiasm."  Shannon Korpi
"Great class.  Good updates on what changes are in the future!  See ya next time!"  Bruce Burnett
"My trainer for life. Faced paced, still interesting, tasty, and, oh yeah, I learned a few things."  Matt  Matthews
"I enjoyed the section about ethics and missing statements."  Stephen E. Enochs
"Great courses, lots of information and instruction."  Lee Pekrul
"Great job!  Food was wonderful. :-)" Heidi Fidler
"Excellent course.  I learn lots and enjoy it every 2 years."  Glen Carlson
"Jerry, as always, makes a potentially boring subject most interesting, and frequently points out the dangers and pitfalls of not taking your responsibilities to clients seriously." Al Bennett
"Classes were excellent!  Pace was strong and upbeat all the way through."  Craig Bennett
"Interesting, good information, thoughtful, good food."  Mike Bashford
"Good class, nice to have all the goodies available." Ed Shelton
"Great Class!  I walked away with excellent suggestions to increase professionalism and ways to give my clients better service.  Thank you!"  Melanee Raney
"I manage condominiums but have learned a lot about Real Estate and enjoy the classes.  Jerry is one instructor that is entertaining and I could never fall asleep. :-)"  Sam Anderson
"Good.  You kept us all awake!  Lots of knowledge in your subject matter!"  Mary Dee Fox
"Really enjoyed hearing and understanding the new agency legislation.  Overall-Jerry is the BEST!  Thanks!"  Susan Jarvis
"Jerry has continuously improved his presentation.  We prefer to take his classes.  We feel cared for.  He strives to make Continuing Education more interesting.  His overall knowledge of the subjects taught is complete."  Anonymous
"Presentation was great. I picked up some useful tips even though most of the subject matter has been repeated for years as required subjects.  Great explanation on agency."  Nancy Farris
"Great class- thanks for your computer advise."  Sherrelyn Argend
"As always- informative and entertaining."  Barbara Vockner
" Jerry is enthusiastic, entertaining and informative."  John Wirum
"Excellent material, current content, good food!"  Karen Carson
"Jerry beefed-up the computer science portion-very good."  Bill Bredesen
"Jerry's presentation is always very good!  I like the examples.  It's why I'm here every two years."  Frank Rose
"Great class.  I learned a great deal in a short time!"  Charles Stene
"Good class!  Look forward to seeing you in 2 years!"  Bernie Vockner
"Licensed since 1973.  This has been by far the most entertaining Continuing Education I have ever taken."  Larry Wagg
"As always-very entertaining and interesting.  Makes the 20 hours go as fast as possible.  Very educational-easy to listen to."  Wendy Stevens
"Jerry is an animated, articulate, knowledgeable and enjoyable speaker.  Frequent breaks and goodies were appreciated." Linden O'Toole
"Love your class- definitely not boring!  Very informative."  Linda-Rae Olsen
"Great class.  Very pertinent to real life."  Nancy Farris
"You do such a great job at maintaining a brisk, lively, invigorating pace!  and stimulating lectures!"  M.K. Largent
"Great presentation - much enthusiasm - good information."  Curt Olson
"Jerry is great.  He makes the mandatory obligations fun and informative.  I always enjoy Jerry's classes."  Mike McSwain
"Great professional, update course!  Conveys pertinent industry information in a very informative manner!  Great job-Thank you!!"  Randon Clendaniel
"Jerry is the only Alaskan educator that doesn't bore me.  He is a dynamic speaker and holds my attention."  Elaine Bales
"Great job again.  You are the best teacher in the state, probably the country!"  Tom Alexander
"The classes were all informative and up-to-date.  Lunch was great as was breakfast.  Thanks Jerry!"  Bonnie Aulabaugh
"Jerry, excellent job!!"  Gerard A. Bagsby
"Great job" Les Bailey
"I took Jerry Royse's class 1/24 & just wanted to let you know that it was very enjoyable & I learned a lot. In fact, as a new salesperson, I think it should be a requirement to have Risk Management before going out in the field. Thank you very much for getting me signed up." Debra Oskolkoff

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