62 Slip and Fall Reducers-FREE Virtual Class

We are doing a complimentary webinar next week October 29, on 62 Slip and Fall Risk Reducers.

You can register by going to www.AlaskaTraining.com and clicking on the Property Management Resources button.

Until then, with the snow flying, here are a couple of hints from our 62 Slip and Fall Risk Reducers Handout.:

  • Inventory snow and ice kits before the snow season starts.
  • Inventory snow and ice kits on a monthly basis during the winter season.
  • Orange neon cones placed in high risk areas.
  • Neon orange spray paint to highlight certain high risk areas, or bumps.
  • Provide safety instructions/ sign warning before exiting interior door to outside or vice versa
  • Put rugs at entry to keep floors dry when wet/snow conditions outside.

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